Full Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions

Pilton Auctions Full Terms & Conditions


  1. The bidding will be regulated by the Auctioneer, subject to the Vendor’s reserve (if any). If any dispute should arise between two or more Bidders the Auctioneer may determine the dispute at their own discretion and their decision shall be final. Pilton Auctions reserve the right to refuse the bid of any person without giving a reason for such action.
  2. All Lots are believed to be described correctly but cannot be guaranteed to be so and no compensation shall be allowed regarding quantity, quality, description or otherwise of any Lot.
  3. Pilton Auctions will not be responsible for any accident or injury to persons or property through fire or any other causes whatsoever, nor for any damage caused prior to, during or after the sale.
  4. All Lots are entered under the Vendor’s ownership until the fall of the hammer, they then become the responsibility of the Purchaser. Title, however does not pass until full payment is received by Pilton Auctions. In the event of any default in payment by any Purchasers, Pilton Auctions reserves the right to offer the items to the under bidder (subject to any reserve applicable) and to amend the hammer price accordingly.


  1. Sellers commission is charged at 17% with a minimum charge of £2 per lot (charges subject to VAT)
  2. Pilton Auctions reserve the rights to:
  • Refuse any item
  • Catalogue, describe and sell items in Lots as they see fit
  • Make charges to cover costs incurred while handling
  • To dispose of any unsaleable lots or those of negligible value at any time without notice to the vendor. Cost of disposal will be charged to the vendor (does not apply to Antique sales).

3.  Vendors wishing to collect lots that have failed to attract a bid must do so by Monday after auction or they will be disposed of; please revert to condition B above (does not apply to Antique sales).

4. Vendor payments are normally made from 10 working days after the date of request, by bank transfer, provided payment has been received from buyer. Payments are not made automatically and should be requested via email.

5. Vendors may place reserves on items. If the Auctioneers consider the reserve excessive and the lot(s) remain unsold, a charge of £2 per lot on small items and £5 per lot on larger items may be made at our discretion.

6. It is the responsibility of the vendor to monitor the progress of their items.

7. Please note the above terms may differ for complete house clearances.


  1. All Purchasers are reminded that in bidding for any item they are deemed to have read and accepted these conditions of sale.
  2. Each Lot, at the fall of the hammer shall be considered as delivered and remain at the absolute risk of the respective Purchaser.
  3. All lots purchased must be paid for by on the day of sale unless other arrangements have been made with Pilton Auctions. No Lots shall be removed from the Sale premises unless a receipt has been obtained from Pilton Auctions.
  4. All lots are sold as they are seen without warranty. Electrical items are untested and deemed to be sold as scrap. Buyers are reminded that all lots must be removed in their entirety and if you only require part of a lot, please do not bid (does not apply to Antique sales).
  5. Invoices can be paid by cash, bank transfer or debit card. We do not accept credit cards – business cards are accepted at a charge of 2%.
  6. Purchasers removing lots will be held responsible for any damage caused to persons or property.
  7. A buyer’s premium of 22% + VAT will be charged on all lots purchased (minimum £1 per lot). Lots purchased via EasyLiveAuction are subject to 3% + VAT or a flat fee of £3 depending on the option chosen. Lots purchased via TheSaleRoom.com are subject to 4.95% + VAT.
  8. Commission bids may be left with Pilton Auctions. Pilton Auctions will ensure that lots will be bought at cheaply as possible, subject to any reserve.


  1. Items must be collected or contact made with the Auctioneers regarding delivery by 1pm on Friday following the sale (does not apply to Antique Sales)
  2. Pilton Auctions reserves the right to charge storage fees for any items left after 1pm on a Monday following a sale.


  1. We offer an in-house packaging service, the cost for this varies but it subject to a minimum £7 charge.
  2. We will arrange delivery via courier at the buyer’s expense. Please note: we are not responsible for the condition of items once they have left the sale room, even if they have been packaged by ourselves.
  3. We are unable to send glass, including glazed pictures. Buyers are however, welcome to arrange a courier themselves for these items.
  4. Please ensure you are happy with these terms before requesting shipping as we will not entertain any complaints regarding a service of which we have no control.


Pilton Auctions reserves the right to alter sale conditions at any time, these changes will be announced by the Auctioneer.