Delivery & Collection

Need to collect or have an item delivered?

We can arrange collection of items from almost anywhere.  Call us for a quote.

We can also arrange for the delivery of items you have won. We’ve all bought something then wondered how we can get it home!  Delivery fees depend on what the item(s) is and how far we need to take it. Please see our collection and shipping policy below:



  1. Items must be collected or contact made with the Auctioneers regarding delivery by 1pm on Friday following the sale (does not apply to Antique Sales)
  2. Pilton Auctions reserves the right to charge storage fees for any items left after 1pm on a Monday following a sale.


  1. We offer an in-house packaging service, the cost for this varies but it subject to a minimum £7 charge.
  2. We will arrange delivery via courier at the buyer’s expense. Please note: we are not responsible for the condition of items once they have left the sale room, even if they have been packaged by ourselves.
  3. We are unable to send glass, including glazed pictures. Buyers are however, welcome to arrange a courier themselves for these items.

Please ensure you are happy with these terms before requesting shipping as we will not entertain any complaints regarding a service of which we have no control.


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